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Hi there! We have put together this guide to help you understand how to use and care for your board to ensure you get the most out of it on the water for as long as possible.


  • Before inflation, ensure the valve is sitting out. When it is pressed down that means the valve is open, and the air will just release again once you take the pump out;
  • Inflation is pretty straight forward, using the high pressure pump takes about 4/5 minutes, ensure you keep checking the pump gauge to see the pressure throughout;
  • Inflate to around 15 PSI
  • When fully inflated, the board should feel stiff and firm;
  • Slide the rear fin into the underside of the board and secure with the clip;
  • Stick your life jacket on, attach the safety leash to the D-ring and enjoy your paddle!

After use

  • After each use, wipe down any excess water / sand from your board, particularly if you have
    been in the sea. It is easiest to get the board clean on a grass surface. If you have one
    available, hose down with clean water to remove any excess grit and salt;
  • Make sure the board is dry before deflation
  • When deflating, press the valve in lightly to slowly release the air. After about 30 seconds of slow release, press in fully and twist to the right to unlock fully and the board will deflate on its own.
  • Make sure all the air is out before rolling up lightly up for storage.
  • If you have sufficient storage, deflation isn’t always necessary. If you are planning to use the board regularly. If you plan to keep the board inflated and transport using a roof rack, let out around 2 PSI of air before putting away for storage or transportation. Always check the pressure before going back to the water.


  • If you storing the board for a long period of time e.g. over the winter, the board should be cleaned thoroughly with clean water, and dried fully. If left wet in storage mould can grow and the seams will weaken.
  • We also encourage you to do the same for the paddle and pump, as often these will naturally get sandy through use;
  • When packing away, don’t feel you need to roll the board as tightly as possible as this will apply unneeded pressure to the seams. It is better to loosely role up the board to preserve the seams;
  • Always store in a dry place out of direct sunlight.

If you still have any questions, please fire me a message using the Contact Us form.
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