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What should I wear?

Apart from a life jacket.. it depends on the conditions. There are no issues with ordinary swimwear when the weather permits, but do consider investing in a wetsuit for colder conditions.

Do I need a life jacket?

Yes! Always wear a life jacket, and a safety leash when setting out on any paddle.

Why do I need a fin?

Fins are essential for steering and manoeuvring the board. All of our boards include a fin as standard.

Why should I get inflatable and not hard board?

Hard boards are great if you are looking for a Racing board, but for the average paddler who wants convenience, quality and cost efficiency all in one, inflatables tend to be the better choice.

What is the difference between the All Rounder and Touring boards?

The size of the board, the purpose and the weight limits. We advertise the All Rounder boards to beginners, presuming that they are going to be paddling on flat water or in calm lakes / rivers. If you are planning to go further afield or need a board to tackle harder conditions, whether you are a beginner or intermediate, we recommend the Touring board.

How long do Paddleboards last?

The more you take care of the board the longer it will last. If taken care of properly, there is no reason why it cannot last 10+ years. For our top tips on how to care for your board, check out this article.

Are the boards suitable for children?

Yes, for kids we would recommend the All Rounder board, as it provides the most stability for flat water paddling. There are specialist kids boards designed for children, usually at about 9ft / 274cm but the maximum weight limits are typically pretty low. If purchasing for a child you should consider purchasing a child’s paddle, which unfortunately at the moment we do not stock.

What is the maximum weight for your board?

All Rounder boards – 120kgs / 19 stone

Touring boards – 140kgs / 22 stone

Do you offer a warranty with your boards?

All of our boards come with a 2 year warranty covering manufacturing defaults.

What pressure does the board inflate to?

Max recommended PSI is 15 / half a bar.

Do you offer classes or rentals?

We do not offer classes or rentals, just the sale of boards and equipment. If you are interested in classes, we recommend checking out your local SUP school. You can find a map with your local SUP school here on the BSUPA webstie.

What is included in your SUP packages?

Packages include the chosen board, carbon fibre paddle, carrier bag, double action pump, fin, repair kit and safety leash.

What board is right for me?

We have put together a guide to help you select the right style of board for you. You can check it out here.

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship free of charge to the UK and Ireland